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Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Storytelling, the most natural way of communicating. A man (or woman) walks into a bar...buys a drink, takes a sip and... tells a story, humourous, serious, tragic, heroic. We all do it all the time, and yet, the moment it gets a name. I'm going to write a novel, a book, it starts getting complicated. It doesn't have to be. Check out Nanowrimo, http://www.nanowrimo.org/  National Novel Writing Month. That's where I found No Plot No Problem a book with a definite can do angle. Go for it, have fun, grab a few ideas, lots of coffee, tea or whatever, and if meticulous planning is your thing then good luck, I wish you well, it isn't mine. I like the unplanned journey of letting my characters tell their story through me.
Just do it, take a journey through your imagination, pack your supplies, boot up your desktop or click on your net book, initiate your Ipad. Look inside you for the pen wielding warrior and unleash your creativity. Take the leap, jump from the one day I'm going to and let today be the day.
Bon Voyage!

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