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Thursday, 4 December 2014

What are you looking for?

New covers for Control Escape

   and What You Ask For 

Both stories went out with a rush cover job. Neither of them giving any insight into the action taking place behind the image. So over the summer I got my head behind it and worked on a new design. Both are now out there and should have reached the retailers with the new cover image.

Control Escape is a replacement for the the original. I believe it works much better. It certainly does for, me, I shall soon see if it does for the book

What You Ask For is new in the distribution channels outside Smashwords. So it may be the first glimpse some readers have had of the book, we'll see what happens here shall we. It has made the jump from being a free WIP to paid, $2.99. Until January 2 it has a 50% discount at Smashwords.
Enter AY63P at the the checkout.

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