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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Starting at the end!

Not the end of the year post, but the start of the New Year, 365 days to build on whatever has been achieved so far and on day one of the first month a personal milestone. At 1800 GMT on the 1st of January Martyn's Blog hit 12,000 page views, five minutes later 12001 clocked up, and it wasn't me checking the post.

Not many compared to some of the hardened veterans of the Blogsphere, but a good number to play with.

A good start, the best we can hope for and I hope you are having a good one; the hangover not too severe and subsequent exposure to daylight not too much of a strain on the eyeballs or the head. Drink plenty, but reduce the alcohol content unless you really do need the pelt of the whole dog, not just the hair.

Seriously;way back in  the eighties, Spike Milligan starred in a comedy programme on the BBC called Q8, pronounced like the middle eastern country, Kuwait, and a feature of the format was an occasional pause and the cast would turn to face camera and advance slowly across the studio floor muttering, "What are we Going to do now," moving relentlessly forward until they passed the camera and went out of shot.

Same question, 2015 is swept into the history books with the popped champagne corks and discharged party poppers from the night before, and here we are in the light of the morning after hanging on to the hopes of the midnight chimes, high minded resolutions whispering in our ears and making a book on how long we will last before they slip away. What are we going to do now?

Plunge headlong into a new year, a new set of opportunities, chances, mistakes, successes and maybe occasionally the most monumental failure, sounds like a good idea?

At some point in the next few weeks there will be a review of the last twelve months and how things went, mark the bits that worked, try them again, look at the chunks that crumbled before my eyes and work out what may have gone wrong, admit to the mistakes and learn from them.

A wise man repeatedly said if you never made a mistake you never did anything!

So here goes, a fresh start to grab success by the throat and wrestle it into submission, knock failure to the ground and in the best traditions of Charles Atlas in the old comic adverts kick the sands of time in  his face, not have it kicked into ours.

It all starts, here...now

What are we going to do now?

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