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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Dropped the ball...

One way of putting it, more like dropped a ball, in a manner of speaking. Had a phone call this morning from a friend and reader about What You Ask For. I had the manufacturer's name wrong for a car, the Mitsubishi Pajero, and half the story was missing.

Once the slight panic and feeling of "Oh bollocks" had dissipated I dragged the tech across the desk and went to Smashwords to check.

I downloaded the original file and ran it through find and replace. Caught a couple of typos while I was at it and then satisfied things were better, uploaded the file to smashwords for updating.

He'd downloaded What You Ask For while it was a still a work in progress and not caught up with the finished text. It is finished, and waiting.

I had already corrected the error he'd spotted, I'd got the name right, the Pajero is a grey import version of the Shogun. Bought in the EU and then shipped across the channel into the UK.

Anyway, the point behind all this waffle, What You Ask For is out there, at Smashwords and the usual outlets, check the links via the "What You Ask For" page at cheekyseagull.co.uk get it via the smashwords widget and enter NT97R for a 25% discount.

Even with the ability to check and correct a text offered by digital self-publishing and the speed of the turn around, it still gives you an unpleasant feeling. Somebody spotted the clanger.

That he had the decency to let me know, that was good.

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