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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Twenty One today

Twenty one days of Nanowrimo ticked off, and the word count is at 38000 and an odd few.
Story going well, the words keep tumbling out and the pages fill up. There's more in there and the running total is above par, so the fifty thousand should be reached within the thirty day limit. The download count has slowed, more books are piling on to the Smashwords page and the choice is wide. My writing buddy Cloud Angel scribbling away at Not Without My Cat (when fish is not enough) is slightly ahead of my total on the word count, check out this cat treat of a science fiction story at Not Without My Cat and my Nanowrimo novel What Your Ask For. New version uploaded a couple of days ago, further updates to come soon.

The other Grange novels are available at Smashwords find them at my author page here, a revised version of Iceline has just been processed and passed for the premium catalogue, now at the new price of $3.99. Give them a whirl, The Grange, Jardine, Josie and Steel are in all there. Look out for offers close to Christmas, an ebook to unwind with while you digest the dinner.

See how the Nanowrimo progress is going www.cheekyseagull.co.uk/nanowrimo_2012. watch the widgets and cheer on the Yorkshire team, the regional word count is widgeted.

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