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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Want a good read?

Psst, pass it on -
Tinytown by Darby Gallagher.

Brilliantly funny look at greed, power and corruption in high places; this is England 2050. Dark and witty, blending the macabre, chicanery, and deception sprinkled with some side splitting descriptions and one liners. Overcrowding has brought in size insurance and failure to meet the payments gets you shrunk and sent to Tinytown.  A diminutive hero, a love interest, an ex-wife in pursuit of money and her brother, high up in Sizewise, the company behind Tinytown and the Human Shrinking programme; dodgy characters, knuckle dragging henchmen and sharp dealing. Climaxing with a chase through London on the day of the Royal Wedding,  and a celebrity children's TV star in costume dragged from a car smothered with sticky toffee and drugs, live on global TV.
The best read I've had in a long time, and I'm keeping an eye out for Darby Gallagher's next novel.

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