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Saturday 2 June 2012

Blue Sky thinking

Blue Sky thinking - I've never liked that phrase, leaves me feeling that there's nothing there, not a scrap of anything for the imagination to work on; a mental vacuum. The lights are on but there's nobody at home. Give me clouds to stare at and I will have adventures,  I'll walk great towering halls fit for ancient Gods and landscapes to inspire the greatest traveller's heart. Worlds explored with the imagination and recorded on maps of memory tucked inside my head. To watch great towering thunderheads, dark and ominous drift across the sky and have them split apart by shafts of brilliance. The old mapmakers used to scribe "Here be Monsters" on the unknown parts but I'll write "Here Be Angels" in the brilliant shafts punching through the storm clouds and watch the footprint of their light dance across the earth. Clouds have moods and emotions, imagination and inspiration are woven into  the whisps of vapour that build them. Nip across to www.cloudappreciationsociety.org and have a look.A blue sky is like an empty piece of paper, until it has the first whisp of a cumulus forming above rising warm air there's nothing to look at, I find writing is like that, I can stare at the blank sheet and get nowhere, but the moment I mark it, something starts to build, it may be nothing much at first , but I keep going and let it grow. One of my favourite questions? What if..?