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Sunday 30 September 2012

Stay in touch

The smashwords discount coupons on my novels Iceline and Control:Escape end tonight, but keep an eye out for something nearer Christmas, that might be the stocking filler for the Kindle/eReader addict in your life, or even that Christmas Treat for yourself. Remember, the place to look is cheekyseagull.co.uk

Saturday 29 September 2012

Last two days

The current discount codes for Iceline and Control: Escape end tomorrow at midnight. Call at cheekyseagull.co.uk and follow the links to smashwords.

Thursday 27 September 2012

Last few days

Last few days of the discount coupons on Iceline and Control: Escape at Smashwords.com. Call at cheekyseagull.co.uk and pick up the codes. offer ends 30th September at midnight. Have a look, and buy the book(s)

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Coming through

Iceline here and Control Escape here have appeared on the shelves of the Apple Bookstore and for Iceline at Barnes and Noble here.
Further updates in due course. 

Saturday 15 September 2012


The picture sums it up, the opportunist, saving his energy by hitching a ride on the back of the bin  lorry, perched on the open crusher watching for the chance to drop down and grab something before the lid slams shut and squeezes everything.

What's in a name?

Where did the cheeky seagull come from? The image must've been chucking around in the back of my mind for longer than I can remember, but it's an idea of something as much as anything. The great white scrounger on the harbour wall. An opportunist par excellence as the French might have it - wasn't it Eric Cantona who posed the question at a press conference; why do they follow the fishing boats? Taking the chance, sticking your neck out and having a go. That's the cheeky seagull looking for a way of doing things that might not be the one you first thought of.  It's also easy to remember, it sticks in your mind and hopefully makes you smile when you think about it.
Pop across to www.cheekyseagull.co.uk

Six degrees

Thinking about the idea that anyone is only six people away from someone famous, I know someone who knows someone who knows etc., and applied it to the urban myth. Spent time recently reading a study of urban mythology with the great title of The Choking Doberman. In spite of the title actually a fairly serious discussion about the nature of urban myths and the way they cross boundaries between communities, and how each in turn adopts the stories as their own, but the common factor is always one degree of separation. I've heard some good ones, but never first hand, always from the mate of a bloke down the pub. The ubiquitous bloke down the pub is related to or may even be the most unfortunate human who ever lived judging by the catalogue of misadventure and disaster encountered. He may also be the greatest adventurer alive. He might also be like Keith Waterhouse's character from the book "Billy Liar" and be the most incredible fantasist. We'll never know, until someone actually meets him and buys him a drink...

Tuesday 11 September 2012

One more step with Iceline and Control Escape

Tracking the books through Smashwords they are both in the channel for Apple, Sony, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Diesel ebook store, Page Foundry. Look out for an update when they appear at the other end.
Discount codes are still available at www.cheekyseagull.co.uk

Sunday 2 September 2012

Adventure Playground

A track through a wood, it's where the Grange comes in to the story. The slightly odd idea that a paintball centre would be involved in dark and mysterious activity. Sounds reasonable to hide something in the open. The idea that on the one hand you have the best in country house hospitality and on the other madcap chases through the undergrowth blasting everything that moves with a high velocity Dulux pellet and behind that facade secrets and lies?  Let's call them diplomatic niceties, what's in a name, maybe everything. The people at the Grange would call it another day at the office. Pay them a visit, see the blog for September 1st.

Saturday 1 September 2012

Get the party started

September first, a new month and a bonus - discount coupons at Smashwords, until the end of the month. Buy Iceline and Control: Escape for less.
Enter BD64L for Iceline https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/216309
         FN22A for Control Escape  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/216761
A good read for less, VFM.
Enjoy them both