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Friday 30 November 2012


Thirty days, fifty thousand words and no excuses, that's what it says on the Tee-shirt. Nanowrimo 2012, I came, I typed, I got the tee shirt. Downloaded the certificate that says I'm a winner. Definitely personal trumpet blowing on a big scale tonight!  Uploaded the latest version of What You Ask For to Smashwords today - still a work in progress, and although November is over bar the shouting, the story isn't; the later stages of the novel have yet to be written, and when the whole tale is told then the finished work will slide alongside Iceline and Control: Escape on the Smashwords site.

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Update and links

Yesterday's post about the distribution through Smashwords of Iceline and Control: Escape reported Iceline and Control: Escape have arrived on their shelves.
Diesel eBookstore for Iceline here and Control: Escape here;
Barnes and Noble for Iceline here and Control: Escape here
Kobobooks for Iceline here and Control: Escape here
Sony readerstore for Iceline here and Control: Escape here.
Apple iTunes for Iceline here and Control: Escape here
Formatted for Kindle at Smashwords, and in other formats for Iceline here and Control: Escape here.
Check out www.cheekyseagull.co.uk for special offers and details of Smashwords discount coupons, and follow the links for free ebooks for Christmas and the New Year.

Monday 26 November 2012

Now appearing at...

Smashwords distribution has come through at Diesel ebookstore, Sony readerstore, Kobobooks.com. and  Control:Escape has come through at Barnes and Noble. Check the links from www.cheekyseagull.co.uk/books to suit your ereader. Formatted for Kindle available at Smashwords.com.

Saturday 24 November 2012

Black Friday Offers - go for Christmas

Special Offer at Smashwords, running from Thanksgiving until Christmas.  Black Friday to Twelfth Night 100% discount codes for Iceline and Control Escape.
Go to Iceline and enter the code SZ97D or Control: Escape and enter the code XQ53N to get your books for free, enjoy them yourself or give them with the Kindle/Kobo /Nook/ whatever e reader you have stashed under the Christmas tree. Discount valid at Smashwords - your eBook your way, Independent authors and publishers.- until the 6th January 2013.
While your there, check out Nanowrimo novel What you Ask For - a free downloadable work in progress.
Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday 22 November 2012

Twenty One today

Twenty one days of Nanowrimo ticked off, and the word count is at 38000 and an odd few.
Story going well, the words keep tumbling out and the pages fill up. There's more in there and the running total is above par, so the fifty thousand should be reached within the thirty day limit. The download count has slowed, more books are piling on to the Smashwords page and the choice is wide. My writing buddy Cloud Angel scribbling away at Not Without My Cat (when fish is not enough) is slightly ahead of my total on the word count, check out this cat treat of a science fiction story at Not Without My Cat and my Nanowrimo novel What Your Ask For. New version uploaded a couple of days ago, further updates to come soon.

The other Grange novels are available at Smashwords find them at my author page here, a revised version of Iceline has just been processed and passed for the premium catalogue, now at the new price of $3.99. Give them a whirl, The Grange, Jardine, Josie and Steel are in all there. Look out for offers close to Christmas, an ebook to unwind with while you digest the dinner.

See how the Nanowrimo progress is going www.cheekyseagull.co.uk/nanowrimo_2012. watch the widgets and cheer on the Yorkshire team, the regional word count is widgeted.

Sunday 18 November 2012

Plodding on, onwards and upwards

32000 plus words punched out by tonight, running a couple of days ahead of the Target word count. Story coming along ok but waiting for that kick of inspiration to come again. Still available as work in progress free download from smashwords. Grab a copy and enjoy.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Counting up and counting down

Bit like the Grand Old Duke (of York - where else), the word count goes up and the days left goes down. Almost at the half way stage with the days left, today is 14, tomorrow, Thursday is 15 November, only 15 more days left after that. Currently writing above par, check out the stats on Nanowrimo My word count is currently 26720, so over half of the 50000 are written and a new update of the text has been posted on Smashwords. grab it while it's free. Work in Progress - book under construction.

Sunday 11 November 2012

Heading Upwards

What you Ask For - the current work in progress for this year's Nanowrimo challenge is hanging around at the top of the download pages. It headed the list for four days earlier this week and has been steady at number two since Friday evening. The work is going steadily. the word count is ahead of schedule and the storyline is unfolding in a reasonably acceptable manner. None of the characters have thrown a wobbly yet and done something completely unpredictable that lobs the whole thing into another melting pot to see what might come out of the other end. A free download at smashwords while under construction, drop by and grab yourself a slice of the action.

Saturday 10 November 2012

More Nanowrimo

Week two is under way and the word count is heading for the 16,000 words tally. Personal count currently at  about 15,655-ish.
Smashwords has a dedicated Nanowrimo page where works in progress can be published and downloaded by readers. What You Ask For has been at the top of the most downloaded list for the last four days, occupying first place until this morning (local time). Currently at second place. Download it for free and have a good read. The idea that out there on t'internet someone is reading my novel as I write it is exciting. It's giving me a buzz at the writing end, making the pounding of the keys more intense and exploring the direction of the novel much more interesting.
Not quite sure how to take the news that the downloads for the free unfinished work are outstripping the (priced) downloads for the two completed novels. Check out the links in this posting for Smashwords and Nanowrimo, and get yourself a great, hot of the type face with the ink still wet brand new read. So new it isn't finished yet. Have a good read

Tuesday 6 November 2012


Nanowrimo page at Smashwords, works in progress uploaded by writers pounding the fifty thousand in thirty. 42 novels published under the Nano banner and downloads drawn off by readers, or maybe other writers, some Nano some not. What You Ask For is generating some interest, currently at the top of the list, and pulling page views and downloads since it went up. Nip across to Smashwords and download a copy here. The text will be updated as the month progresses.

Uploads and Downloads

What You Ask For; new version published at Smashwords on the Nanowrimo  page. free to dowload and read while the story is being written. Word count stands tonight at 10049 (Nanowrimo).
The girls are at it again. Thanks to all of you who have already downloaded, enjoy the new version.
Now heading back to the type face,
Have fun, and to all you Nano- writers out there. Go for it guys, and gals. Keep the words coming out.

Monday 5 November 2012

Top of the page

Creativity overflowing, maybe, keyboard pounding head-banging, plot twisting, neck aching, finger cracking knuckle jarring, idea depleting  - and no Pepsi - novelling stuff. What You Ask For is a free downloadable work in progress and part of this year's massive Nanowrimo output. Check it out at Smashwords and go to the Nanowrimo page.
Meanwhile back at the Caffeine dispenser,
the key board bashing goes on.

One for science fiction fans, try  Not Without My Cat by A M Russell (also Nanowrimo 2012 work in progress) and available free

Sam is a detective, who along with his smart but troublesome cat Camille, uncovers an impossible crime. With the scene of the unusual event too close to home for a man already harassed with a Mad Ex and difficult new clients, this proves to be the challenge that he needs to overcome his deepest fears, find out what electric tin openers are really used for; and save a Lady from mortal peril. 

Thursday 1 November 2012

It's started

Three hours (local Yorkshire time) into Nanowrimo-time and the word count is climbing... it's a good start.