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Monday, 5 November 2012

Top of the page

Creativity overflowing, maybe, keyboard pounding head-banging, plot twisting, neck aching, finger cracking knuckle jarring, idea depleting  - and no Pepsi - novelling stuff. What You Ask For is a free downloadable work in progress and part of this year's massive Nanowrimo output. Check it out at Smashwords and go to the Nanowrimo page.
Meanwhile back at the Caffeine dispenser,
the key board bashing goes on.

One for science fiction fans, try  Not Without My Cat by A M Russell (also Nanowrimo 2012 work in progress) and available free

Sam is a detective, who along with his smart but troublesome cat Camille, uncovers an impossible crime. With the scene of the unusual event too close to home for a man already harassed with a Mad Ex and difficult new clients, this proves to be the challenge that he needs to overcome his deepest fears, find out what electric tin openers are really used for; and save a Lady from mortal peril. 

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