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Sunday 9 November 2014

Gone To Earth - up and running

...six degrees of separation crashed into his isolation and ran him down with a small world collision... 

NaNoWriMo 2014 entry Gone to Earth has just been published through smashwords, the fifth in the Grange Series, still a work in progress and free to download until the editing is complete. 

His past had been secrets and lies, changed names and identities piled one on top of another until he wasn't sure who he realy was. Then he made the choice, dropped out of his world and disappeared into the mean streets of a coastal port.

One more identity, this time his own choosing and superficial changes to his appearance. but it hadn't been enough. 

The face around the corner had caught his eye and seen straight through the disguise. It was a small world moment, no matter where you go, you'll see a familiar face, and not always the one you want to be seen by!

He needed and help and only one place he could turn to, but no guarantees they would help, without some form of trade. His intellectual property was the only thing left, and he set to work, building a bargaining chip and making sure it was tempting enough!

It was time to disappear again, but this time it had to be permanent, but permanent could be taken more than one way depending on how you were looking at the situation...

Stay out of sight...and stay alive?