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Friday 26 July 2013

Another week and another freebie Friday

The last Friday of the month, and that means Freebie Friday at Indies Unlimited and the last few days of the smashwords summer/winter promotion, free ebooks and discounts until the 31st July. Check out great writing by first time and seasoned authors.

The Grange Novels are included in the promotion, grab yourself a copy of Iceline, normally $2.99, free with code SW100. Control Escape, normally $2.99, also free with SW100 .

The latest in the series, still undergoing final checks and editing, remains a free download, What You Ask For, Nanowrimo entry and winner 2012. It crossed the 50000 word target in twenty nine days, and set the bench mark for this years personal Nanowrimo challenge.  In the meantime, I've proofreading to do, obvious bloopers to spot and change -if you find any in the raw draft of What You Ask For, drop me a line  here or at cheekyseagull.co.uk .

Ideas drift through the grey matter all the time, and some of them make it on to a scrap of paper, but that jotting may bear no relationship to the work in progress advancing across the page, that's the fun of it, never sure what twist of the imagination will throw the story off in a completely new direction. Don't miss the next exciting episode.... I'd better get on with writing it?

Friday 19 July 2013

Still giving it away!

Freebie Friday and the Smashwords summer/winter promotion, have a look at great new writing through Indies Unlimited and free ebooks by the bucketload at  smashwords.com and the Grange novels, Iceline Control Escape are available free with the discount code SW100 and What You Ask For, the Nanowrimo 2012 winner,  remains free to download here.  Help yourself, have a good read and chill out this summer with some great new writing.

Saturday 13 July 2013

Summer goodies

Summer Kobo-fest | Indies Unlimited, check out what's on offer today, there is a link in the article to a conversation between Laura Boris to be found here,

Control Escape at Kobo here; Iceline at Kobo here

Shameless book plug encouraged by high temperatures in England, slowly grilling with the offer of plenty of page turning before you need to turn over and do the other side.
Will it be possible to work out who read this years blockbuster on the beach by the  uneven fore and aft tanning and the size of the pale square on the face  matching the size of the tablet or e-reader?

Smashwords' Summer/Winter promotion still rattling through July with all the Grange Novels available for free; download code SW100 for Iceline and Control Escape (enter the code at the checkout when you click to buy).

What You Ask For is available as a completed draft in a free download here at smashwords.com.

What are you waiting for, it's the weekend, the sun is shining (well, it is here in Yorkshire) and there are books to read!

Friday 12 July 2013

Freeby Friday

Free eBooks | Freebie Friday | Indies Unlimited | Indies Unlimited  The weekly free ebook fest at Indies Unlimited is here again, stock up on your holiday reading, get something for the daily commute or vegging out for the week-end.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Starting Over, again…

Half way through July and the Grange Novels are signed up for the Smashwords Summer/Winter promotion, an annual feast of discounted and free ebooks available through smashwords.com and the happy campers at Camp Nanowrimo are wrestling with their word counts in the jungles of their imagination. For myself, the next Grange novel is starting to ferment somewhere in the edge of my mind although at the moment there is little more than a scribbled collection of random words, some of which were scrawled across the page in the with eyes and brain barely open.
The point of this, just to let you know, there are more stories on the way and if you haven’t met Bill Jardine, Josie Burke, Steel, Langhers and the rest of the team from the Grange catch up with them at smashwords.com in Iceline, Control Escape, and What You Ask For.
What You Ask For is recently completed as a draft and is currently undergoing editing and proofreading and is free to download, Iceline and Control Escape are free until the end of July with the code SW100 at Smashwords, formatted for most ereaders.
Bag some good reading and be part of the action,

Monday 1 July 2013

Sun, Sand and an ebook

Long. lazy days, sunshine, time and space in the garden or on the beach, or simply time to catch up on your reading, you can't do it without the right material. Smashwords summer/winter promotion has started here. An incredible choice of books by Independent authors many of them available discounted or free throughout July. The Grange novels Iceline and Control Escape are available free with code SW100 at smashwords.com. The third novel in the series What You Ask For is free to download. Check them out now!