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Saturday, 10 November 2012

More Nanowrimo

Week two is under way and the word count is heading for the 16,000 words tally. Personal count currently at  about 15,655-ish.
Smashwords has a dedicated Nanowrimo page where works in progress can be published and downloaded by readers. What You Ask For has been at the top of the most downloaded list for the last four days, occupying first place until this morning (local time). Currently at second place. Download it for free and have a good read. The idea that out there on t'internet someone is reading my novel as I write it is exciting. It's giving me a buzz at the writing end, making the pounding of the keys more intense and exploring the direction of the novel much more interesting.
Not quite sure how to take the news that the downloads for the free unfinished work are outstripping the (priced) downloads for the two completed novels. Check out the links in this posting for Smashwords and Nanowrimo, and get yourself a great, hot of the type face with the ink still wet brand new read. So new it isn't finished yet. Have a good read

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