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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Worth a look at - reposted from Smashwords blog

An interesting review of the last twelve months from Mark Coker founder and inspiration behind Smashwords, a lot of  thought provoking stuff in there on how he sees independent publishing developing, and the value of the potential in the writer. Have a look for yourself;

Smashwords: Smashwords Year in Review 2012 - The Power in Publishing is Shifting to Authors
reposted from Smashwords.blog

Our authors know that every writer – every one of us – is special, and those who doubt this truth will become the dinosaurs of tomorrow.  You can’t truly honor the culture of books without honoring the writers who create them.  You can’t truly honor the value of books if you measure their value by perceived commercial merit alone.  You either value the human potential of all writers, or none at all.
Mark Coker CEO and founder of Smashwords.

I am biased, I am a Smashwords distributed Indie Author; you probably guessed that already.

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