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Monday, 22 April 2013

Not Without My Cat (when fish is not enough)

Science fiction adventure. When is a crime scene not a crime scene? When it hasn't happened yet, or has it or will it? Time travel and intrigue in equal measure. An entertaining read, good outlines, realistic characters, a brilliant techie-medical partnership. Read it once and then it again to savour the flavour. I keep picking it up, drawn into the world inhabited by the characters, even the thumbnail sketch of a minor player reminds you of someone. Available at Feedbooks.com here for free
The book went up a week ago and notched a hundred and fifty downloads in seven days. Readers spread across the globe, taking an adventure with an unknown writer with a fantastic imagination. Adventurous independent minded readers for an independent author, is that what you see in the mirror? Prepared to venture into unknown territory. A M Russell is the writer and Not Without My Cat is the book.
So what are you going to do? Play it safe and go with a big name, or step into the unknown, download it for free or if you believe in  independent authors you can buy a copy at smashwords.com here.
The biggest name was an unknown once, I know where my money is, and Not Without My Cat is where I put it!

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