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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Where have I heard that before?

A lighter touch this time, a bit of fun for the festive season with a glass of something at your elbow to lift the spirit? I love playing with words, twisting their meanings to shift the context of a sentence so when I stumbled on the post at The Passive Voice recently it sent me scurrying through the bookmarks on the computer for a couple of websites I have played with in the past.

Never quite sure about the sincerity of the sites, are they really the humour stations they claim to be; or does the end product find its way into the real world?

A friend studying Art and Design at college locally flagged them up for me;  sites for  generating that all important artist's statement. If you've ever stood in a gallery and read the blurb alongside whatever it is you're looking at and found it to be no help whatsoever?

Here may be why http://10gallon.com/statement2000/  Type in the required fields and the result is quite amusing, 

The Arty Bollocks Generator fulfills the same function, tap the generate button and have fun. The options are more limited here.

I haven't found one that does the same for a writer's profile, yet! Perhaps being wordsmiths we can do the job for ourselves, and better!

For that clever, obfuscating line, the sound bite that leaves the listener scratching their head long enough for you to make good an escape there is the good old Plain English Society, dedicated to removing the bovine deposits from the rich pasture of the English language and just to show what we are up against they have the gobbledygook generator for the instant soundbite.

If you need more than one, click again, and so on, go for the scatter gun effect or until you have a bucketful to throw at the world!

You know one when you've heard it!

Wherever you are, and whatever you're doing have a good holiday and borrowing words from the Master of Christmas; Charles Dickens, in "A Christmas Carol."

"God bless us everyone," Said Tiny Tim, the last of all.

A Happy and peaceful Christmas to you all!

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