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Saturday, 8 February 2020

Giving it the chop

Primarily aimed locally to where I live,  well the bits covered by the UK Parliament, a bit more work to add to their load, on top of everything else.

A serious note, picked up from Guido Fawkes, not that actual one obviously, but the website order-order.com   (Guido Fawkes, Parliamentary plots and conspiracy) highlighting the discrepancy between printed and digital booksin the Uk. Print media, newspapers, books, magazines are all zero rated. Digital carries a burden of  20% VAT.

Axe The Reading Tax is dedicated to ending the disparity. An online petition and a call to your Member of Parliament to act. Check out the website by following the link for the full story. Duly signed and delivered, digitally.

Act quickly and we may be in time for the March budget. 


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