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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Nano and the ticking clock

Signed up on the dotted line a couple of weeks ago and told various people that I'm up for the Nanowrimo challenge - 50,000 words, 30 days - and the clock now stands at 5 days and counting, relentlessly, the way only a clock can do.
Do I feel confident, I know the challenge is achievable, strip it down and you're looking at a couple or three hours of keyboard pounding a day, every day, or the equivalent to average it out. So, yes, I feel OK, I have a picture in my head of an opening, and something of the story drawing to a close, and somewhere in the long dark evenings of November between the ghosties and ghoulies of Halloween and the frosty sparkle of Christmas lights in December the forty odd thousand words in between will tumble on to the page. That's the idea anyway, and the proof of any pre-Christmas or Christmas pudding is in the eating, and now the word is out in blogland. Still have a couple of days to link the whole shebang together and do the word count widgety thingy,

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