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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Tweaking and Ticking

Three days to Nano - (Give or take local time variables - they're California I'm Rotherham) then the tapping starts, and hopefully the typos and mutterings will be low numbered and low key - thank goodness for the spillchucker - and auto correct - though I occasionally have disagreements with suggested spelling when I drop the odd colloquial or vernacular into the mix. All part of the fun, see how many non-standard words you can add to the custom dic. Try it with somewhere Scottish and slightly off the beaten track!
The clock continues to tick and the ideas continues to slide out of the side door In one ear out of the other sort of thing) moments before I can jot them down, only solution, new batteries in the Olympus Pearlcorder - and a fresh micro-tape cassettes. Don't you just love retro stuff sometimes.
Thanks to the glorious searching-ness of t'internet I found a tape eraser - deliciously low tech. Two magnets in a box with a slot for the tape to pass through. It's the sort of thing you just want to play with while the brain cogitates and the coffee stimulates with your feet up on the corner of the desk and the netbook/laptop/keyboard (highlight as applicable) perched on your knee. The tweaking is going down at Cheekyseagull and the news from smashwords that the apple iTunes store has just reached another eighteen countries, now available on 50 countries - most of the new ones are in the Southern cone of America.

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