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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I mentioned this one earlier - new book out

Last November amid all the excitement of Nanowrimo 2012 I talked about a work in progress by an Indie Author I know - a writing buddy as they're known at Nanorwrimo, the book is now finished and published at Smashwords.com - Not Without my Cat (when fish is not enough) in the author's own words

Sam is a detective, who along with his smart but troublesome cat Camille, uncovers an impossible crime. With the scene of the unusual event too close to home for a man already harassed with a Mad Ex and difficult new clients, this proves to be the challenge that he needs to overcome his deepest fears, find out what electric tin openers are really used for; and save a Lady from mortal peril.

A Science Fiction Adventure with Alternate Realities, Well Made Cocktails, a missing scientist or two, and Cheese and tomato sandwiches. And Let us not forget the Glow in the dark, dimension jumping Cat....

Nip across to Anne's Blog for a discount code valid at Smashwords and enjoy the book, tell your friends; the book is currently passing through the review system at Smashwords and will soon be on its way through the distribution channels to major ebook distributors, Apple itunes, Sony, Kobo, et al!

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