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Friday, 15 February 2013

Not Without My Cat - update

Nanowrimo winner Not Without My Cat cleared the checks for Smashwords premium catalogue and is on its way through the distribution channels, already visible at Kobo, here, and before long should be appearing on the other retailers supplied by Smashwords.com,   with the usual list of characters, iTunes, Sony, Diesel, B&N, but it's still with the back room boys. If you're heading for Smashwords, call at Anne's Blog and collect a discount code (valid until 31st March) - it makes the book a freebie. A.M Russell, like myself is one of the many thousands of writers and publishers who have found an outlet for our work at Smashwords, because we care about writing, we enjoy it, and want to share our stories with you, because a story is nothing if you can't tell it to someone, and running with that idea I have a couple of discount codes for  my novels; TA34B for Iceline and BU95A for Control: Escape, to run until the 31st of March.

Not Without My Cat is a science fiction adventure, Iceline and Control: Escape are thriller adventures, follow the links, check in the codes and you'll have three cracking reads, and the discount codes will save you enough money for a really good coffee or three. . 

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