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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Job Spec...

What do you call a fledgling work in progress, where the title is provisional and the story-line is embryonic? Where everything about is insubstantial and ephemeral? An idea!

Daylight saving has run out of time, spent for another year, the ghosties and ghoulies are hanging around the shops, vying for space with the advance guard of Santa's legions and writers, aspiring writers, dreamers,  scribblers and the literary foolhardy are braced for a mad dash through November; burning their way past Guy Fawkes on this side of the pond and stuffing as much in as they can before Thanksgiving on the other side.

In the midst of all the "what am I going to write about this time" stress a sneaky little voice in my ear says, but how are you going to do it, write and publish as you go, or keep it to yourself  upload the first fifty thou before the deadline or hang back and throw the whole lot, a complete finished draft at the unsuspecting public sometime after the end of November, just post the word count as you go?

It has a certain appeal, Ease back on the tension in the buzz of moment as the words tumble out. Delete the time spent formatting to post the text and use it to throw more words at the page in the time available. Format when 50k are in the bag, transcribed to gibberish and validated on the NaNoWriMo Validation thingy.

Or, lose the impetus and the sense of immediacy knowing there is a faithful reader out there waiting for the next gripping instalment? 

Keep an eye open for the word count widget at cheekyseagull. That will definitely be there, and behind it the gentle rattle of keyboards furiously tapping through the night and day as the countdown clock goes in to reverse and starts to wind up through November!

Have you always had that "One day..." feeling, The first of November, whatever the weather, will be a dark and stormy night for someone somewhere! Make "one day" into a "Once Upon a time..."

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