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Sunday, 1 November 2015

NaNo2015: Clearwater

Clear Water, the provisional title for this year's attempt at NaNoWriMo. by the time you read this the starting gun will have fired and the crack of the shot been drowned in the clatter of keyboards

So what is it all about, not the jaunt through creative mayhem and abandon but the book. The page is booked at NaNoWriMo and the coin is still spinning as to whether or not I do it with constant uploads to smashwords NaNo page or post the word count and keep the suspense to myself until I reach the fifty thousand  mark.

The story looks back to the origins of the Grange and the time when Jardine dissolved his previous business partnership with Michael Spear and walked, or perhaps sailed away from Hoplite and the world of technology looking for a space of his own; in effect putting clear water between his present and his past, the story may look at the relationship between Jardine and Michael Spear's wife, Vivienne, and their daughter Jessica, who much to her mother's chagrin seems to have more in common with her father's former business partner than her own parents.

The story may explore the curious relationship between the Grange and the civilian authorities, how did they become an asset; a discreet meeting place and a useful tool for exploration and investigation.
What brought the main protagonists, Bill Jardine, Don Steel, Kurt Langhers and others, where and how did Josie Burke appear on the scene, and cross the threshold to become Jardine's right hand.

How do I uncover the introduction between characters who now seem so familiar, and are there others who feature in this part of the story and have now moved on, taking a different route through life and moving away, I'll just have to write it and find out.

Must be off now, I have a few thousand words to write...before midnight in thirty days!

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